Sunday, 26 May 2013

Update and Engine Progress

There had been a delay in the delivery of the kit, so I took the time to do some other tasks I needed to get done not car related, well I completed them so back on to the engine...

Yesterday the head was refitted and then the rocker cover.

 ** head bolts are stretch type so should be replaced. I also upgraded to a rev3 metal head gasket, there are some hole size differences and placements of the holes regarding the water channels. Biggest change I noticed was larger and additional hole on cylinder 4 which would tie in on what I've read regarding heat temps and cylinder 4 being the hottest. **

Head bolts should be tightened in the correct order at 500kg /cm and then an additional 90 degree turn. Only 2 steps on these bolts.

So here it is;

...On to turbo and exhaust manifold!