Monday, 27 April 2015

Engine Work

Following the work taking place on the engine to strip the head, it was sent off to a specialist who pressure tested it and also refaced it. I ordered a new cometic headgasket and fitted the engine back together. I had problems fitting the tight belt but got there eventually.

Before filling it with coolant I decided to try and fire it up, if id done something wrong I didn't want to have to drain it again! It wouldn't fire...

A quick google and a check and I hadn't connected the connector that connects on to the dizzy cap. Connected that and it fired straight into life. As well as this I took the opportunity to repaint the rocker cover black and also the heat shield (although keeping underneath silver). This just tidied up the engine a bit more as the rocker cover had peeled a lot.

Next is to finish the fitting of the exhaust (1st back box) and jack the rear of the car up whilst filling with coolant. Ill then run it at the same time to remove air from the system.... Hopefully!

Following that, it will need an oil filter and oil change to clear the system of any contaminations from during the work.

I can then move on to the other jobs;

* Fit rear camber bolts
* Arrange Geo Setup
* Get Rear side windows fitted
* Fit door solenoids
* Wire up rear view camera
* Complete exhaust tip and surrounding mesh
* Mesh over brake reservoirs

Then hopefully the exterior will be close to completion.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The good the bad and the ugly..

A fitting title to this update. so lets look at the good first.

I managed to get 120 miles under the belt and the car felt fast even though its only running 7psi and will be up'd to 15psi. That's about where the good ends in this update.

The bad was the car was overheating. Id try various things, fixing some minor leaks and then also adding some bumper vents to feed the radiator.

These kept temperatures stable and low but as soon as I went on boost that's when it overheated, also the car seemed to be drinking water and then the final part was the exhaust fumes smelled I knew what the issue was. Either a cracked head or headgasket, my gut instinct was headgasket.

So the ugly...Apart came the engine, the good news is the block itself looks in good condition and I got on to cleaning the pistons and the block face, although the pistons were not that dirty and came clean easily which is good. Also with the large engine bay it was easy to do this work.

So the head is currently off being pressure tested and either refaced or skimmed this week. I've ordered some new hoses which ill replace that sit under the turbo as I may as well do it whilst the turbo is off saving another job in the future.

Although its annoying to have to do this, the job isn't actually that bad but purely because I have plenty of room to work in so hopefully have it back together by the end of the weekend and running again.

And finally here's a walkaround video...make sure you watch till the end for a clip of it on the road.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Meshing, lights and other parts...

So I'm back from my holiday to Oz, unfortunately I became quite ill on the way back so couldn't get back on with the car for a few days.

It was my first chance to check over the paint since it was sprayed....overall I'm very happy, there are some bits that have not come out perfect but all in areas you don't see so not an issue and I'm very happy with the body work they did, especially in getting the doors to line up better.

So I cracked on with a couple of easy jobs first, changing the orange indicators to be clear just to help modernise the rear a bit more. It will require still more work in this area to bring the rear up to the same level of style as the front. I also fitted the rear view camera



Next I worked on fitting softer springs to the front. I currently had 5kg springs (280lbs/in) and I've gone down to 4kg springs (225lbs/in) so we will see if that makes a difference. I haven't changed the back currently. As i'm looking to change coilover there, ill explain that closer to the time!

As well as this I took this time to fit the HID lights, the standard bulbs looked very yellow and didn't go with the cars look. I'm very wary of blinding other drivers although that chance will be slim as the lights would have to point up a mile from this ride height! So I got only 35w ballasts to use with 43000k bulbs. If they are not bright enough then I can upgrade the ballasts but ill need to ensure my wiring can take that. The 35w I knew wouldn't be an issue.

The final job I was able to fit in was to go round and fit the meshing (harder than it sounds), I've left the front bumper currently with the finer metal meshing I originally fitted, partly because I don't want larger stones hitting my radiator, so ill see how I get on with it like this for now, but all other holes have been done with Audi style plastic meshing. It was high quality 4mm thick meshing, in the end to fit I heated it to bend it around edges and pin itself and then followed this up with some tape and pinning it and then applied sikaflex. doesn't look overly pretty from behind but looks great from the outside.

Also in the meantime the exhaust end piece has gone so that I can have a piece made in the style I want. I also need to fit a polybush engine mount, with the engine fully mounted to the engine, when the torque makes the engine roll the exhaust moves with it, so i need to minimise this roll effect so the exhaust doesn't move as much.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pick up...

Not got a lot of time so its a quick update with the pictures doing the talking.

Picked the car up but still need to fit a few bits to it (rear camera fitting, mirror, exhaust changing!)...but here's some pics...or a lot

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bodyshop work

So the car has been at the bodyshop a while now and work has been going well. so the first time I went door they had lined up the doors and filled and smoothed relevant parts and put a layer of high build primer on.

I was impressed at this stage the work looked great, the only area which did not look really good to me was the lower door edge it stuck out too far, so it was agreed that would be built up to be matched. You'll notice the spoiler isn't done at this point.

Also the rear vents were not done and I couldn't decide on what to do I said to the bodyshop most importantly it cannot effect the strength of the piece and left it with them. They did a great job and did the below, really happy with them and it suits the lines of the car.

The car was almost ready for spraying and was in the final stages of being prep'd

So next I took the headlight covers and splitter away to be hydrodipped to match the wheels.

When I was bringing these back I got a surprise the car had been baked and sprayed! I'll let the pictures do the talking but its an understatement to say I was pleased with the results.

As you can see the 3 stage paint, varys well from sunlight to dull light which was exactly what I was after so it looked good on a cloudy day! the paint hasn't been flattened yet and I've been impressed with the reflection lines at this stage so I'm sure it will look amazing once detailed in the summer. wont be long till its put back together and I get it back.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Bodyshop update, Door solenoids and other pieces

So I guess the big update is the bodywork and whats been done so far;

So far the doors have been aligned much better, this has left the top of the door sitting more flush with the roof as well as the top of the back edge and the front edge. the downside to this is the bottom lower edge is sticking out quite a way, I've asked them to build it up a bit to make it look better. This is because of the fibre glass itself, he says there was no way it was going to sit perfect all the way round and i have to agree, I know I had a fight with it over many hours.

A couple of pics below, the 2nd photo shows the lower half of the door and behind the door is the bit ill have them build out a bit so the door sits more flush, I don't think it will effect the look of that panel.

In the top picture above you can just see a vent in the scoop. This is a rally vent which I've put in so can be scooped in to the cabin for circulation or can be opened in reverse so air is pulled out. Both have different functions.

Scooped in = cooling
Sucked out = Ventilation - useful when its been raining

The rear has had all the holes and bits I did for the IVA test refilled. The centre piece is still to be cut out and also the new camera hole created. Lower vents have been cut.

The rear hatch lines are much better now as well. They hadnt cut the vents at this stage as they decided the original suggestion would add too much weakness so waited to discuss it, we think we've come up with an idea now or some venting which will be stronger.

The spoiler will be done with the car but wont be on the car when sprayed. Simply put they think it will look good without it. It needs to be done at the same time because of the paint being used however i can of course just fit the spoiler afterwards by drilling some holes. If I was to fit the spoiler and didn't like it, I cant just fill the holes and have them blend back in.

As well as this I have been looking into door solenoids, the reason for this is i can then remove the external door handles which gives more security. So I have bought a kit which includes two door solenoids and a remote which will allow me to pop the driver and passenger doors individually. As well as this I will hide a button somewhere on the car just as a backup and also there will still be a good old cable within in the door itself if required as a last resort.

I have also purchased a HID kit for better visibility as I felt it was quite poor with standard bulbs. Now I hate just as much as anyone being blinded. So first of all the light lenses are the correct type for them and secondly I've bought 35w 4300k versions so they will be still brighter but not stupidly bright like the 55w HID ones.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Been a bit quiet....

Been a bit quiet on the update front....well I delivered the car to the bodyshop this morning. So I should have an update in a couple of weeks of the work going on there.

I've been doing a couple of things around the car and generally making sure its ok. I found a small puddle of coolant after a month or so of being sat round so something needs nipping up when I get it back.

I've been looking into water / meth solutions. Although cooling wont be a problem as such heat soak may be so rather then take any risks a water / meth injection solution for boost about 8psi will provide some good protection from detonation. Maybe a slight power increase but I'm still not always convinced by this. As the argument can go on, colder air is more dense but then the water takes up volume in the first place. the most important part though is it will protect the engine.