Saturday, 17 August 2013

Whats been going on...

I've had a lot of messages, about whats going on,when will the build start and from UK based people can I come and see the kit as you're considering it for yourself.

Well since my visit not a lot, as the prep work is now complete as mentioned. So I've been thinking forward in terms of the tools and areas of design I want to work on.

First of all when am I getting the car, DDR say my car is now ready, so I have been arranging the shipping. I've never done it before and it has been a steep learning curve. Once completed I will post who I used as so far the communication has been excellent so have high hopes for a smooth transaction!

So the first issue I've had is actually unloading, the crates are big and then this will be inside a shipping container on the back of a lorry which is 4foot off the ground. So I need to be able to unload without a fork lift etc..., luckily once the boxes of bits are out, the weight should not be too bad for 4 or so grown men to drag out, but tilting the box 4ft to the ground will probably cause damage, so I am building a car dolly for two purposes. One for removal and two to allow me to work on the chassis easily.

Below is the design (apologises for the poor drawing and not to scale)

The top pieces will slide, allowing me to change the distribution of the weight as the car is built, keeping it stable as well as using the L brackets (in red) to keep the rail gap stable and even. It will be made of 30 x30 box steel. I have seen a similar design used before.

It will be on lockable casters for easy movement. The shell will sit roughly 2 foot off the ground. I will release a more detailed list of measurements and materials once built so people can make their own if required. It should meet my needs as required.

This will drop the delivery to a 2 foot drop which the crate will be able to be tilted to without causing damage. the height of 2foot will also allow me to work completely on the car on the stand if required with the shell on as the height of the garage is 195cm  so I should be able to slide the car dolly in and out with the full car on it.