Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Visit to DDR Motosport

I've been over in the states for two weeks and said to Diego I'd pop down and see him. We were staying in Orlando so had worked out it was about a 4hr drive down to Miami

Well after really bad weather, 6 hrs later we arrived! It was a trip and a half with crashes lining the edge of the road and a couple of missed turns. None the less it was great to meet Diego and see what DDR do. Also it was good to get a look at the car in person, the angles, construction etc...

I could see and hear when talking with Diego the extra steps I'd need to do to meet little UK IVA test requirements but nothing that seemed particularly difficult, just more time consuming!

I took a look at the new green Demo Car (I'm the one peering in)

It was good to see around the set-up and with the new clam shell back, there is plenty of room to work in there.

Also got to see the car that first caught my eye about DDR in the first place. You can see the evolution even from this model when looking at tiny details.

And finally meeting Diego himself.

DDR were busy with a few cars in progress but mine should be completed very soon and I'm currently arranging the shipping details.

Finally some people had been mentioning about sharing this blog out more, Simply put I dont have the time :) So please use the below tinyurl for the blog if you'd like to share it

and if sharing on twitter hashtag #DDRBUILD

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Engine Completed....

So I transferred the engine back to my home garage now that the majority of the work had been done but I still had a couple of jobs left to do.

First I replaced all the vacuum hoses with silicone ones I had bought, some were perishing already so needed replacing. At that point I noticed a lot of blocked off pipes on this engine, some to areas that I wouldn't expect to be blocked off, so ill be posting that on an MR2 forum.

2ndly I blocked off a couple at this moment in time before I decide what to do, the ones I blocked go off to what is known as the charcoal canister and this canisters function is basically to get emissions down, I had a supra before and did away with it on that as well.

Once I replaced the vacuum hoses I wanted to replace / cover the wiring loom's black conduct with red conduct, the only reason was so that when I'm working on it I can easily spot the wiring loom as the engine becomes a bit of a big mess!

After completing that the engine was complete, so i prep'd it for the next few months as it wont get started for least 3 - 6 months. So I took out the current spark plugs and dropped a tea spoon of oil into the cylinder. I then turned it over via the crank a couple of times to line the cylinder walls to stop corrosion.

Once that was done I gave it a quick tidy up and here's the finished product. I feel like the first big milestone has been hit!

Started with;

ended with;