Monday, 15 December 2014

small update...

Not a lot has been going on at the moment. The first thing is to solve the idle issue I had a while back I decided to also disconnect the cold start injector to keep things simple. So with the temperature here dropping into the -C it was a good chance to test how it had effected the car. So turned the car over and after about 6 turn overs tried to fire but failed. Turned over again and fired after 3 - 4 turn overs and idled fine. So it gives you an idea of how it improves a cars starting ability and for the mass market is obviously required so people don't think something is wrong with their car.

The other thing that has been going on of course is the bodywork, now it should of been in a bodyshop by now but unfortunately there was an issue with my choice outside of anyone's control (including the bodyshop) so I have been having others over for quotes in the last week and I have one more to see, I hope to make a decision this week on where it goes and get it scheduled to go in, in the early new year.

Its given me plenty of time to think about the interior and do some designs, I will probably share soon once I have sorted getting the bodywork underway.