Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hydro Dipping / Hydro Graphics Explained

I've had a few people email regarding the bit I put on Hydro dipping and what I was going to do with it, so rather then keep replying Ive done a quick post.

Well first of all hyrodipping is like putting an ink print on to an object. we've all seen motorbike fuel tanks with skulls all over it, there's a good chance that was done by hydrodipping. So for this project, I did want to do the whole car, but it turns out that was a step to far.

What ill be looking at getting dipped in a carbon fibre weave print are parts like, headlight covers, door handles, dash pieces and maybe the wheels, I think Carbon looking wheels will look good against a colour of the right choice!

You can get DIY kits, which is why I've used the video below to give you an idea of how it can be done at home. You can see in the below video the film breaks up which it shouldn't do yet still gets good results.

People hydrodip a lot of things, gun replicas, xbox controllers etc... hence ill be using it in this project. I hope that explains it more for the people who were asking.

The carbon weave print ill be going for I've seen in the flesh and it looks very good and not fake at all even looks like the texture exists under the lacquer. Hopefully the video below does a bit more explaining on the process.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nuts & Bolts & Suspension Bushes

One area I looked into was buying new bolts and nuts for the suspension, I didn't want them seizing back up and15 - 20yrs of grime and muck would of not made it easy anyway. this car was mean't be as nicely refurbished or as new with the parts. The bolts caused me an issue in this area.

At first I was trying to de-rust them then paint them with anti rust paint...didn't really work well. I then looked into buying new but those suspension bolts are expensive for what they are so would of needed up spending a lot of money.

Then my uncle came to save the day, he works in engineering so took them off to be blasted and plated.

Well they are like new! Easy to do up and loosen, look great and many more years of rust free use ahead. I gave all the suspension bolts, engine bolts and whatever else I got off the car that was rusted.

I know the kit comes with a bolt and kit pack so it will be great if some of these bolts are included as I'm sure ill of missed putting in some.

I would recommend anyone to get this done, it makes using the bolts a joy and no more muck when I come to do that final build, after all thats why I'm doing all this prep work now so the actual build is more like a giant mechano set!

Next I completed the suspension bushing, I had already done the front suspension but the rear wasn't completed due to a problem with the bush set I had (it appeared one bush was wrong) but I sorted that out and the new set came and all fitted, below is a photo of the front and rear suspension (opposite sides) powder coated and with the bushes fitted.

I finished tidying the garage for now and need to organise the car shell being removed. The next update will be when the engine comes back! (hopefully soon!!!)