Sunday, 30 November 2014

Door locks and walk around

So I'm now looking into what are little niggles of mine with the car. First was the locks the doors were quite tough to open with the door rubbers, not impossible just felt to hard compared to an OEM car. So I took the plunge and ordered some new locks from CBS online and they were much easier and very similar in fit and style as well so it worked out really well.

Below photo shows the difference the main difference is the spring size i.e resistance. the original has a bigger spring, now on a door that shuts a normal way I don't think it would be an issue but with the added angle I think its making it tougher. as well as this the new ones have a better grip on the striker with less chance of rattling around.

I have to make a small alteration to them and then that piece of work will be complete.

In the meantime I've done a walk around of the car talking about parts as some people wanted to know what was going on with the car and how it currently looked...roll on the bodyshop!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

continued work...

With not as much work to be done at the moment the updates haven't been as often but first of all I finished the arches and then set on sorting out a big area of the car for me, the spoiler...

It was always an area I felt had to be right to break the big slab like area of the rear up and I had found it hard to get right, I didn't want a big Fast & Furious stuck on spoiler so did a lot of research and had to trust my measurements and judgement when ordering.

So I found a wing called the F1 wing for the corvette C6. The problem was it appeared they weren't made any more or stocked anywhere. so I googled and found one for sale from corvette forum in appeared not very popular in america as  spoilers go and the guy hadn't sold it. so i messaged him...and again...and again....and after enough pestering we got chatting and a sale was done. I want to thank him a lot and show that you can trust a random stranger over the internet.

It arrived and I was unsure whether to chop the ends off or leave them (you'll see below. I've decided on leaving them and I think the finish will be really good. opinions welcome on it or ideas if you think it could be improved.

On to the bodyshop!!...

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oil Leak, mud guards, mirrors

Following on from the shakedown tests I decided to look into the oil leak more and prepare for what I thought was going to be a headgasket issue. So  started the strip down of the engine.

Im getting extremely quick at getting the intake system off now! However the rocker cover and cam cover needed to come off as well as the shield. This is made hard by the engine cover stay, shown in the pic above. I think following completion of the car ill make a change in this area to make working on the car easier.

So a little tip, because I needed to remove the cams and belt tensioner I wanted to help myself with setup and not have to do the timing again. So I moved the crank to TDC (Top Dead Centre) and cable tied the belt to both cam pulleys.

this made putting all back together easier...anyway So i whipped it all off and found a weeping camseal. Enough to potentially cause the oil leak as this area of the engine isnt high pressure but none the less during running would leak and so would match my oil leak as it would run down the head to the gasket and then run along that and behind the alternator bracket, so I removed the weeping seal first....

As you can see it came away well! So it had gone past its best, so I replaced them both, these were probably the only two seals I didn't replace when rebuilding the head of the engine...why...I don't know! So I put it all back together and will see how I get on but hopefully it will be fine now and much better then doing a headgasket! Getting the timing right was easy and it all went together easily.

Next was some replacement mirrors the new ones were not just too small and dangerous but also the glass brought objects closed like a zoom so had a smaller view. Some slightly bigger mirrors and a glass (convex) to open up the view and it feels much better. to put it in perspective. I could hold the two mirrors next to each other and in one see my nose and eyes, the others could see my whole head neck and around it.

Next was to work on the mudguards and I was able to do the drivers side fully.

Passanger side will need to wait as the filter is in the way partly so I've brought a 70mm 45 degree hose to move it out of the way, I will just cut a hole in the  mud guard for it to pass through if required. This will also bring it closer to the cold air feed hole in the bodywork so benefit all around.