Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Engine Completed....

So I transferred the engine back to my home garage now that the majority of the work had been done but I still had a couple of jobs left to do.

First I replaced all the vacuum hoses with silicone ones I had bought, some were perishing already so needed replacing. At that point I noticed a lot of blocked off pipes on this engine, some to areas that I wouldn't expect to be blocked off, so ill be posting that on an MR2 forum.

2ndly I blocked off a couple at this moment in time before I decide what to do, the ones I blocked go off to what is known as the charcoal canister and this canisters function is basically to get emissions down, I had a supra before and did away with it on that as well.

Once I replaced the vacuum hoses I wanted to replace / cover the wiring loom's black conduct with red conduct, the only reason was so that when I'm working on it I can easily spot the wiring loom as the engine becomes a bit of a big mess!

After completing that the engine was complete, so i prep'd it for the next few months as it wont get started for least 3 - 6 months. So I took out the current spark plugs and dropped a tea spoon of oil into the cylinder. I then turned it over via the crank a couple of times to line the cylinder walls to stop corrosion.

Once that was done I gave it a quick tidy up and here's the finished product. I feel like the first big milestone has been hit!

Started with;

ended with;


  1. I was wondering if you could do me a favor? I noticed that your photo editing skills are about 1 million times better then mine. On my campaign I have some potential people willing to donate that asking for a sketch or work up of what I plan on the car looking like. I was wondering if you could work those photoshop skills and make this image: with a white paint job? And if it's still not asking for too much, a checkered flag pattern on the rear of the car? Thanks either way.

  2. Hey Nick,
    Sorry I can't do anything at the moment as I'm actually in USA for a few weeks. If you still need it when I'm back I can see what I can do.


  3. Oh ya aren't you going to check out the car while your here in the USA? I am excited for you wish I was there checking it out too! At the rate it's going for me to find someone I'll still probably need something when you get back. Let me know if your up to it when you get back. And let those guys at DDR know that they should put my campaign on their Facebook page. It only helps them out if I get funded =) Have a nice trip.