Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Kit Delivery to Shipping Company Warehouse - Info on arranging shipping

So the journey has started....

DDR will deliver the kit anywhere local if the shipping company you have used requires, shipping companies often have a loading warehouse. The companies I have used to date have been fairly priced but for someone like myself who has never imported on this scale (or really doesnt have a clue what they are doing still!), they have been excellant on Customer Service and keeping me updated and explaining stages. I really couldn't of asked for more so far and im sure it will continue.

I used;

Miami - to Port in UK;

Uk Port - My Door;

So DDR have now delivered to the warehouse, below are some photos that are on their facebook page as well. The journey at sea from Miami to the UK takes roughly about 20 days, plus customs time.

The UK agent's I used have a deferment fee (optional) which means they will pay the customs charges and fees etc... and I will pay this to the UK agent with a small fee for doing so. This can speed up UK customs clearence by 2 / 3 days sometimes as UK customs will wait till your money has cleared before releasing the container.

Im expecting delivery once shipped and clearing customs to be the last week in October, just in time to spend the winter in the garage, hopefully the snow wont come this year!

The windscreen below better make it across safely!! Theres enough warnings on there!

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