Saturday, 22 February 2014

Centre Console, Air con and Relays

To complete some of the wiring I need to understand where the dash will be and how the centre console will sit. The only issue with this is the dash that comes with the GT4 is relatively basic and wouldn't pass IVA on radius tests alone so will require modifying. also to complete the wiring I need my dials to arrive, which will be in roughly 10 days!

So I've started by making a skeleton for the centre console stretching down the centre. I then sanded the outside edge to give a curved radius which will give me less work to do later.The passenger side is longer to cover more area, the drivers side will require a slightly different piece.

Following that I stretched material around the frame and stapled in place. This provides a skin to frame, I'm now awaiting on the resin to arrive which I will paint on lightly first time so goes hard then a second coat. Following that I will remove the wood where I need  to and then fibre glass the inside for strength. At the point no more will be done until all the required dash pieces are made.

I then decided the relays I'd been putting to the side of the passenger footwell were wired and working correctly for sidelights, headlights and main beam so wanted to protect them. So I found a box used for mini electric circuits and cut the relevant wires for the holes. I then checked the radius on the box and it is 2.5mm so should pass any radius test.

Next I moved on to wiring up the aircon and securing the wires. I studied the wiring diagram and the vintage air system is actually very well explained, I hooked up the battery and ignition wires, followed by the controls and continued to tidy them up.

I wasn't able to test the aircon itself yet as don't have the pipes, however I was able to test the controls and could see the vents move and feel the air coming out, so in principle it all works (hopefully condenser does!) I will be adding a trinary switch which will not only check for high and low pressure switch offs, but prior to the high pressure switch kicking in, on a trinary it can activate a fan to help bring pressure down first (most if not all production cars have this feature)

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