Thursday, 19 June 2014

Doors, rear shell, lights and windscreen

Following on from the other week I have fitted the door handles into position, as of yet i have not connected them to the lock itself although will work on that soon. the handles wont be seen easily when just looking at the car as they will be hidden underneath the shape of the door.

Next was to work on the rear shell's fixing points. The issue was the aero catches included were flush mount ones and the fibreglass was too thick for flush mount ones. So I bought normal aero catches and fitted them. 

I also then worked on the front lights installing the indicators so they would be above the required height and should meet the angles of visibility requirements.

I also worked on the layout to complete the rear with exhaust exit, there's alot more to be done, but cant be done till after the IVA test.Way to much block of white going on at the moment feels like a giant slab!

Whilst I had everything together as this point I took a photo from the side to get an idea of the profile of the car. There is a lot of work to be done on the bodywork but it gives an idea of the shape at least.

The final piece of work has been the windscreen so I had Chris from national windscreens come and fit the windscreen for me. this is the first one from the mould that was made.

Next will be to get the wheels off to be done and then ill fit them so I can put the front bumper on. (front bumper is the access to jack the car up). Also i'll continue working on the rear light wiring and other areas that need tidying up.

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