Monday, 19 January 2015

Been a bit quiet....

Been a bit quiet on the update front....well I delivered the car to the bodyshop this morning. So I should have an update in a couple of weeks of the work going on there.

I've been doing a couple of things around the car and generally making sure its ok. I found a small puddle of coolant after a month or so of being sat round so something needs nipping up when I get it back.

I've been looking into water / meth solutions. Although cooling wont be a problem as such heat soak may be so rather then take any risks a water / meth injection solution for boost about 8psi will provide some good protection from detonation. Maybe a slight power increase but I'm still not always convinced by this. As the argument can go on, colder air is more dense but then the water takes up volume in the first place. the most important part though is it will protect the engine.

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