Tuesday, 29 September 2015

And so it all begins again....

So the driving season is over, the car is declared Sorn (off the road) for the next 6 months. So how did it go; well in the end very well, I covered 1600miles and have not had a serious issue for over 1300miles.By the end of the driving a few squeaks had crept in but nothing major. The most disappointing aspect is the car is still running a bit rich and the exhaust tip is not quite straight. Overall happy with the first year.

The next stages are now;

* Interior refit - comprising of new carpet, new seats, dashboard design, rear camera screen, relocation of some dials, lowering heater / climate box, tidy up of new cables

* Rear end - this will start as some simple new lights but plug and play into current holes, however if I have some time this winter I will build a whole new light design and following on from that a new diffuser. Also I'll probably fit a wing, but I need to decide on the right one.

* Suspension - Remove, check and regrease joints. As well as this i will fit the harder springs to the front, the current ones at bottoming out just a bit too much so rather have a rougher ride without the bottoming out on the damper.

* Mirrors - They wobble ever so slightly so want to remove them and fit a small rubber base to them so when bolted to the car it should should squeeze where needed but have support across it all to stop it wobbling

On saturday I will remove the seats, centre console over the gears and the carpet. The hard work starts again, but finally the interior will match the exterior.

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