Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rear Lights & interior progression

So i continued work on the lights and got all 4 units made, I wanted them to be smoked but not take away too much light. the camera gives a relatively good idea of how they look at this stage

I then tested all the wiring works as expected.

with that complete I set about putting them on the car. Im not the biggest fan of the look with the lgihts off but still is an improvement and with a wing etc... completed at some point in the future it will look much better again. however as ill be running with the lights on anyway I think it looks much better.

So I started on the interior, first of all making a Tunnel cover out of MDF, its 9mm thick and with the correct spacing etc... is very sturdy. It is braced throughout and a lid out of MDF put on to a part of it, I will continue the wood down the edge to give a large border.

As well as this I started to mould the area where I will fit speakers to out of foam

I'm happy with the design, however when I covered the foam with felt and soaked it in resin, it just came away from the foam as I was unable to staple to it, So although its given me the rough shape it would be alot of work to sort out.

So what I will do is make the 2 side panels out of MDF and brace it across the middle with wood a few times to give a sturdy piece. I till need staple foam across the curves edges and soak in resin to make it hard this should then give me the finish I want with less work to be done to the piece.

I will use a router on the MDF parts to curve the edges neatly. Hopefully by the end of next weekend I can have the back piece that will hold the speakers finished in terms of shape.

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