Wednesday, 6 April 2016

An update... a long time coming

So the work on the car has continued over the winter but as well as that I've been busy with other things in my personal life. So lets catch up!

The lights got fitted and are working and I had moved on to the interior, making it out of foam...what a disaster. I covered all the foam to stop the resin going through and started to fibreglass etc... but the shape was horrible, so I went back to wood.

As well as this I wanted to give the tunnel piece a lip at the top to make it easier to cover and fit any other panel pieces I might want to fit. I next moved on to making the skeleton of the dashboard. as it was from scratch and was going to be fibreglassed eventually I could use relatively thin wood.

Following this I made two pieces to go on the rear firewall and covered in leatherette. I decided to get rid of the carpet rear firewall as it wasn't easy to secure and I wanted to try something different.

Next I got some cloth and stapled it down on to the dashboard frame. This was to form the base structure. I soaked it in resin afterwards to give a good firm structure.

As well as this I made mounts for the dials and headunit (covered later on). Next was on to the filler, well I used a fair amount to get it to the shape I wanted but suits the car a lot more and when I make the piece to sit over the dials it will cover the ignition as well.

Next was to remove the pieces from the car and cover them in material. So i started with the tunnel and the speaker pod at the rear.

As well as this I've got car mats as my feet were wearing out the carpet quite quickly as it happens! Also I created a vanity panel in the centre console, which holds the 4 previous buttons that were there and a new button to do with a rear view camera. The interior is looking a lot cleaner and more professional like this.

I'm currently now working on covering the dashboard itself with the same material then will fit it and finally the seats.

Whilst doing all this I decided to get a double din headunit. The unit I've gone for is a 7" unit which is pure android. It has a lot of features like bluetooth, usb, sd etc... also GPS maps and wifi. This means I can pull up outside the house and on the spotify app download all the music locally that I want to play or of course make my phone a hotspot.

Once its all back in I can start to use the car again. I've continued work on the rear spoiler although this is 2nd to the dashboard.

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