Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dashboard work continues

So I've completed the two door cards now and it was a good way to practice my flocking ready for the dashboard. Working with hardboard was good. Its thin and forgiving, but more importantly can be sanded easily. With blocking you dont want a 90 degree angle so sanding the edges down and the bit where the door handle sits has given them a good finish to the edge.

So the next stage was to put the dashboard back in to see how it was looking and the fit. I also wanted to remove the dial surround, It didn't have a smooth enough curve and look that I was after. So before test fitting I chopped out a section.

So I went to the scrap yard and found a nice dial surround that I could get off the dashboard and use.
I actually had to cut and rip this one off, it was held together via melted plastic so was quite tough to separate but had a good shape.

Following that I lined it all up and put the dials under the surround as well so I was totally happy with the position. I then used blobs of Araldite on contact areas between the surround and the dashboard to hold it in position before doing a more permanent bond.

Next it to filler and smooth all areas so when its flocked the flock looks really good. So far I think the shapes are going to really suit the dashboard and look good when all done.

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