Monday, 13 August 2012

As you strip you learn..

So Ive got the car into my small garage now and off of the driveway ready for the weather change in the UK. not that we've had a summer.

So I got the car on to axle stands and started to strip the front suspension. I was once told you'll learn things you know and things you dont want to know about your car when taking it apart.

this statement is true, rust, seized bolts are just too of my problems as well as the requirement for a 22mm deep socket. Something I didnt have. I also broke my breaker bar on one of the last nuts so ordered a new one as well.

The hubs are now off and have gone to have the bearings pressed out, I will then have them shot blasted and powder coated, the nback to have the bearings replaced.

The 200SX upgrade calipers and mr2 rear brakes are currently being refurbished and  will have them back in just over a week.

Next is to finish the removal of the front suspension and then the steering rack.

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