Friday, 17 August 2012

Learn something new everyday - Suspension

As I previously mentioned I was removing the parts of the suspension required and it into a knowledge session rather than manual labour.

The Mr2's suspension changed between Revision1 and the Revision2 of the Mk2 model. My donor car had previous crash damage so I had a Rev1 front tension bar (threaded rod and bolt) one side and a rev2 the other side (standard bush style arm). It took a lot of investigating to get to the bottom of the issue.

I was in touch with Diego from DDR Motorsports and we discussed the suspension and that i'd be needing the Rev1 suspension. So I will just source a passenger side lower arm and go from there. I must say Diego has been excellent, im not officially a customer yet as I just don't have the space to order the kit whilst I have the donor car but as I say he has been helpful through out.

Once the arm was off I needed to remove the bush as I will be replacing all of mine for new (like anyone should in my eyes) so out came the blow torch to burn it out, after 5 - 10mins I was far enough through that a mallet and screwdriver pushed the rest out. Next...shot blasting and powder coating and then fitting the new bushes.

I would have a picture but my camera died at this moment....typical!

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