Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cleaning & Painting engine parts

Although I'm not cleaning and painting the engine to a perfect level, I do want it nice and clean to work with. So next I've started cleaning and painting brackets and shields.

So first I'm giving them a hot water and abrasive clean. Once dry I've then attacked them with sandpaper to loosen up the surface rush where needed. I then again wash them and let them dry.

I bought some Simoniz high temp Paint. I have a matt Black and Silver as I'm trying to keep the stock look. Its important to do thin coats and more of them, rather than a few thick ones.

Once these were done I placed them in the oven to help them cure a bit, they wont of fully cured, but with the weather like it is currently I wanted to make sure I'd got some of the chemicals at least gone from within the paint as they'll be no heat on it for quite a while and it hardens the paint a bit this way. A picture below of some pieces so far;

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