Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Engine Work

I'm looking to keep the engine stock (for now) but in good health. There are many revisions of the MR2 engine and depending on the revision will depend on how much power can be had from it due to the sensors / head on the engine. To get to 300BHP on a Rev 1 / Rev 2 is quite hard. rev3+ is a bit easier

Rev1 / Rev 2 are limited. They are firstly limited by the head gasket, which cant take as much PSI. This is easily resolved by using a Rev3 metal headgasket which can take 1.2Bar +, The next limiting factors are the head sensors and ECU... I wont be doing this at this stage.

So by having a metal headgasket I will be able to up the boost in the short term. Also I have had the valves lapped to get a good seal.

Below is a pic of the valves lapped, the head has not been cleaned yet hence is messy, the engine is not in too bad of shape for its age. We also found one of the gaskets by the turbo was blown out but all gaskets are being replaced.

So next was to decide what to do with the block and gearbox and how to tackle it, I really don't want to be taking it fully apart, but will take bits off as I clean those areas so its easy for me to place back. Below is a pic just after I started as I forgot to take a pic before;

After 2.5hrs cleaning the gearbox area it was looking more respectable, although still needs a lot of cleaning! Many hours are going to be spent cleaning this engine I can tell. Ill update with how I get on with it and the best and worse products!

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