Saturday, 6 April 2013

Interior Choices...

The Interior of the car is a long way away at this point but as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the advantage of a long build is getting some parts cheaper if you're patient. One of them is bucket seats and relevant parts. The seats I've picked up look like new and were barely used. An easy way to tell other than wear marks whether seats have been used a lot is to feel the bolsters, does the foam / padding feel squashed? does it spring back?

As well as that, these seats came with subframes (adjustable) I can already see for IVA it will need some rubber protection on the corners of it, but that is nothing major. I may need to also adjust the mounts if the seats are two high within the car. As well as that these chairs came with E marked 4 point harnesses which I was after as well.

Long term once through IVA and I can do what I want to the interior I expect to do some minor colour coding as I change the interior to how I want it, this will probably include new bucket seats with the relevant colour and stitching.

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