Sunday, 16 June 2013

Catalytic Converter troubles and Answers to questions

I noticed when the turbo / exhaust was removed the cat looked in bad shape...Well that was an understatement. I took a look at it and the cat had actually completely come apart and was resting on the temperature probe that went into the cat and the inner core was no longer attached to the tub.

The inner part to the cat had broken away in one piece and one end rounded off where it had been bouncing and jumping around in the pipe, I'm sure it would of been causing some exhaust gas flow problems.

As well as this when trying to remove the cat... 1 snapped stud and 3 snapped bolts. So I started to drill them...queue snapped drill bit on the last one. At least this headache is offer the car and now. What I plan on doing is drilling them out and rather then rethreading Ill just use a bolt and nut to attach the next Cat on to it as it will be a simpler process.

...the fight continues!

I've had quite a few messages about when I will be actually be doing the kit / build stafe and when I will have posts on that.

From speaking to DDR my kit will be ready soon. I'm also going over to Florida, USA in July so will pop in and see the guys whilst I'm over, always nice to put faces to the names and we've talked a lot regarding the work so far. I hope my order will be ready by I fly in its sailing out and then on my return I can crack on.

I am concentrating on the engine at the moment, as soon as that's complete which will be soon they'll be no more work for me to do till I get the kit so Ill be in a good prep'd position.


  1. Love your post. Your actually my inspiration. I started a campaign to fund raise the money to make a GT8. I have a blog for hopefully building it too! Check out my campaign and blog: the campaign

    and the blog

    I hope you get your kit soon I can't wait to see it!

  2. Cheers Nick, I'll actually be posting an update today after winning my battle against the catalytic convertor.

    I checked your blog and fundraising page, good luck, it looks like you'll do a good job. Any questions feel free to ask.

  3. Thank's and I just can't wait to see a detailed process of the build. Do you know when you should be expecting your kit? And any extras you might do with it?

  4. I expect i'll see my kit whilst over in the USA and then hopefully deliver shortly after. I have some bits I will be doing but need to decide once here and to make sure it will pass the UK IVA test with any customisation I do.