Sunday, 30 June 2013

Engine Almost Complete

So I've been plowing on this weekend with getting the engine back together. Firstly I'm reconnecting it back up using the old pipes before replacing them....why...

The memory of the rubber makes it very easy to work out what pipe goes where as they bend naturally to the position they were in before making the task much easier, ill then once complete replace each hose one at a time. How the engine currently looks;

I've also got the loom on there as well and everything just gets messy again on the other side but it will look tidy enough once done.

I should have the engine completed by Wednesday in preparation for my visit to DDR, the reason having everything ready is key to me is space this end when the kit arrives. Really looking forward to getting down there and saying Hi! Been talking for so long and I never actually thought I'd get to go there in person and meet the guys.

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