Sunday, 20 October 2013

Little bits going on while I wait...

Well the wait is almost over! Boat comes into Dock late on the 25th. It will be a few days after that for delivery.

In the meantime I've been ordering other little bits I know I need and that I don't require the car to measure to ensure they fit.

So I've ordered a new water washer jet system, its a small unit holding 1.4litre which is plenty and gives me flexibility on where I mount it. I was going to use the MR2 system but it was dirty and old and for the price of £15 i'd rather have a new looking system to give it that better look. I will use the current wiring loom and then it can still work off the steering column stalks.

As well as this I decided the fans and metal shrouds for the radiator were just to heavy and not looking as nice still as I hoped, so I bought some new 12v fans with a high CFM of 2000. This should be plenty and help with cooling, I will be making some ducting later on in the build which should aid this further.

I've also ordered a new horn and some little side lights to meet IVA requirements.

I previously gave a quick guide on brake pipe flaring, although they were coming out well it was hard to get it right 99% of the time and if its not right and wont seal it would need to be cut off and re-done. They were not coming out flat and the reason is as you screw the die in further to create the flare it wants to twist the claw round, giving you an uneven flare.

So I bought a 2nd tool, this tool has not produced one bad flare. same principal in clamping but easier by just pushing the handles together, but the screw sits on a flat plate platform which cant twist meaning it goes down flat and even every time. The tool was not expensive at about £30 as well. The tool model is a Sealey AK5063

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