Monday, 7 October 2013

Throttle Pedal

The car requires willwood clutch and brake pedals which match nicely together and look professional. The gas pedal that's suggested was by a different make and to be honest wasn't too my styling (all other areas black and this pedal was bare silver metal) but that's the advantage of a kit car you can make the car your own as well. So I've been looking into pedals a lot based on what will fit the area and also the look I want.

So below is a comparison of the pedal I've bought and the original;

The pedal will actually fail the IVA test in its current state as its a requirement to have an anti slip surface, so i've ordered some self adhesive anti slip tape for that. The photo below is with me holding the brake pedal in roughly the position it will sit next the throttle pedal.As you can see I think the styling goes well and should work well together.

The pedal can be adjusted for the amount of travel so I will be able to configure it to open the throttle over the full pedal movement range if required. I plan on sound proofing and carpeting the floor so that will move the feet's natural resting position higher up the pedal which will make it more comfortable as well.

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