Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dashboard....Mini update

During the evenings this week after work I've started working on the dashboard, as its been quite cold and decided I deserved a small break in terms of temperature. The dashboard that comes with the DDR is very what I call 'kitcarish' that in itself is not a bad thing but the dashs can always seem quite basic and in some instances work very well in cars, like Caterhams. Also the dashboard that comes with the car would not meet the radius requirements although could be resolved easily on it. The below is a pic of the dash with the kit, (no centre console)

So I have over the weeks tried many designs of the interior, even started making the centre console out of various materials, plastic sheet, fibreglass (as you saw) and some MDF. The centre console I will come back to once the dash has finished but there is a plan now (at least in my head!)

So I took the original dashboard with the MR2 and the original dashboard with the GT4 and decided a mirage of both was needed. the GT4 dash fitted correctly between the pillars and the MR2 had some nice curves to it, so firstly I fitted the GT4 dash and marked where the front brace was under it with masking tape.

The MR2 dash in comparison is massive and wont fit inside the car so I chopped it into 2 in the middle where the glove box was. Once this was done I then lined up where I wanted it and also marked where the front brace went through. I then cut both 1 inch further in each direction so I had a small overlap.

I then fibre glassed the two pieces together. I needed strength so I did the underside and also on the top.

 This does mean more filler / sanding however I need some strength there. I also reattached part of the MR2 dash to the passenger side.

As well as the above, to meet lower radius I got a large gutter pipe and cut it to length and attached it on to the passenger side of the dash. You can just see it in he above photos.

This is where I'm up to, so the next job will be to fill and sand a lot the top areas to get nice smooth edges and confirm radius's. Once done ill move on to the lower region and making a centre console that joints it.

This is a test fit I did and it looks like it should have a good look to me.

I'll be double checking my wiring next week and then securing all that tight, as that will be done and then continuing on with the dashboard. I still have some wiring to get into a good position at the back of the car but that can wait as I need some brackets and bits and need to design the layout.

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