Thursday, 22 May 2014

Handbrake, headlights and Petrol Cap

The first handbrake solution I put in I was never totally happy with. It felt like the outer cable wasnt secure enough so was moving giving a weak handbrake. So I removed the cable holder I had quite far down underneath the car and decided to fit brackets to hold and clamp around the plastic further down. Much like a standard MR2.

The Pic below shows the new setup;

You can see the clamps around the white ends to the cables that run to the brakes. Now when the handbrake is pulled the cables don't move. As well as this the position they now sit in when slack and the handbrake is off is much better with the equaliser sitting more level.

This is because when positioning the clamps I aimed to get the distances from the clamps to the handbrake taking up the required slack. (The handbrake is slightly to one side giving one side more slack)

Overall the handbrake feels much much better now!

Next I did the flush mount petrol cap, the key comes out when the cap is turned to the lock position outside of the hole so will need to be tethered (IVA requirement)

I also installed the RHD lights, luckily the lights I bought were direct fitment so that was good! However the bushings for the balls for the adjusters to fit into have to be cut and destroyed to remove the light so don't fit them wrong!

I also started back on the sealing of the cockpit and fitting the carpet. My biggest advice for anyone is stay away from velcro, no matter what make or what they just doesn't work!

I personally think gluing is a bad idea so I went for these. Simply drill a 6mm hole, push the plastic through (the legs squeeze closer) and tap the pole into the middle to pin it in. Worst case to remove would be to drill the plastic if it couldn't be easily removed.

In the future when I do my carpet again I will use these all over to secure it in place.

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