Sunday, 11 May 2014

Windscreen Wiper, Bodywork, part protection

So I've continued with bodywork prep whilst the shell has been on the chassis as it gives me a nice platform to work on, so I'm filling and sanding a lot including the other arch. Its still far from perfect but much better then it was and a professional will do the final bits closer to the spray time, however I should of saved a fair few hours work.Whilst doing the bodywork I lined up the front bumper just to get an idea of fitting. By having this big area at the front removable should make the car quite serviceable on part if something broke or needed replacing.

You can see the difference in colour alone between the worked on body compared to the front bumper.

The door hinges and mounting plates are made of steel and the weather is getting to them so again parts have gone off for zinc coating to protect them. Below are pics of some of the rusted parts and then a pic of a coated part.

These parts can all be seen so they will now look like OEM car bits and of good quality.I also cut the door seal trim to size for fitting and went for a side seal as it should seal the door better and keep more water out, around the top of the door as this is the key area. The seals on the DDR Demo car were straight seals which can be seen in their pics. If its not quite right then they can easily be changed.

I next had to install a wiper solution, I found out the wiper on the DDR car doesn't actually fully work. so I had to complete a design to get the mechanism in, so that's the motor, linkage and the actual pivot point, as well as this of course I had to ensure the sweep of the blade cleared the vital areas of the windscreen.

I had a bracket made and the motor was mounted just to the left of the front bonnet allowing for easy disconnect of the linkage (which will be needed)

Following on from this I had to decide on where to mount the single wiper, some mount single wipers in the centre of the Windscreen but if I did this it wouldn't clean enough of the windscreen as the area is large, so the mount is quite far over to give me a longer wiper arm, however I had to find a position that meant it didn't fowl on any other parts when running. You can see I had to extend the linkage in the middle. this solution doesn't foul and hit the reservoirs or hoses.

Rather than increase the angle range of the wiper to around 140 Degrees, I've kept the wiper at a standard 90 degree sweep angle. (like a normal 2 wiper system works) so the wiper will sweep up and vertical on the drivers side giving a good clean for forward vision. to help further I've taken an MR2 wiper arm and it will be extended slightly to allow for a blade around 28" in size, by having a large blade it should be able to clean a larger area as well.

The IVA has rules to meet on sweep cycles, the MR2 system meets these requirements so I wont need to make any altering.

I test fitted the passenger door and it doesn't shut properly (just does the first click on the latch) I found the door bodywork had been sanded to get it to even click on to that latch in some areas. So there could be a lot of work to do on the doors....but that will be for another day (or probably week of work) and be almost near the end of the projects when the doors are worked on.

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