Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brake Options

Although this stage is a long way away from being on the car, I like to plan in advance and have the brakes ready. When the shell and chassis arrive, I want to be ready to get on with it. I dont feel the MR2 brakes currently work amazingly or look good. You'll notice most sports cars have brakes that fill the wheel, often for cosmetic reasons as well as functional.... This includes the back wheels.

So ive reviewed various options, I started before posting this blog so it has taken some time and even now still weighing them up. I dont need a fancy big brake kit costing me £1000 - £1500 (and thats if im lucky).

So the option that seems best is to use a 200SX s14 caliper with a Supra TT (uk spec) 323mm disc at the front. The calipers are fitted via an adapter, which some MR2 forum members make in the UK. And at the rear use the standard caliper with RX8 323mm rear discs. The reason for using RX8 discs at the back is they are thinner then supra's front discs. This is a common mod on MR2's

Each s14 caliper weighs 5kg compared to the standard 5.9Kg so are lighter as well. I am now on the look out for S14 calipers and will then get them shot blasted and powder coated as well as reseal them. Ill then post the process on here with pics so you can see the transformation.

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