Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Donor Car Purchased

So I've picked up a Donor Car. Its a 1992 JDM import with 67k miles on clock. You have to take mileage with a pinch of salt on an import to be honest.

Just before I bought it the owner had the radiator go on him, so had had a compression test done and was showing 13 / 14 bar across all cylinders. He had fixed the issue...So why go for this car if its just had such an issue.  Simply put the engine has been compression tested so I know its ok and better then potentially other engines. I will also be changing water pump, cam belt and will now probably do head gasket whilst the engine is out of the car. All quick jobs when you dont have to dig your hands in small gaps!

Other then that it has leather interior and a few minor mods (wheels, exhaust, Field ECU). Its time to get stripping the shell panels off now so I can work on the car easier then get the interior off. I will sell all the bits to get rid of them. Ill then move on to stripping the suspension off and start the prep of the parts. If your after MR2 bits I'm based in Dorset, UK. so feel free to ask about some parts or most will end up on ebay!

Ohh did I mention its a turbo ;-)

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