Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little update

The only parts I have left to take off the car are;

* wiring loom from engine bay through cabin (awaiting engine drop)
* accelerator Cable
* fuel tank drop (need fuel pump)

then the engine drop, I have dropped the subframe now so the engine is held on by just the left and right mounts. these are the two that take the weight anyway, the front and back are to stop twist.

I'm hoping to drop the engine mid november.

The IVA is no doubt a tricky test to the point of even the bolts. they ask that the bolts show the gradings and being the UK this is metric based. So 8.8 would be required for suspension pieces  However the mr2 (being an import) has the imperial markings for strength on them. So I have sourced online the SW20 service book and it has a guide in there to bolt markings and the strength that this means. Ill be printing this off to keep with all my other paper work which I will need at the IVA to prove to the inspector the car is safe.

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