Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The IVA test...

when building a kitcar in the UK we have a test to meet the requirements of for the car to go on the road. If I was using a chassis from an already registered car and the engine then an IVA (individual Vehicle Assesment) wouldn't be required.

So the test / manual. Its 200 odd pages of criteria to meet, from lights (angles, postions, markings), fuel tank, wiring, fixings,. To the radius of edges within the cockpit area.

I've been reading the manual over and over for the last month or two, its key to know as much as possible because you will need to build the car too meet the requirements. One for gullwing doors for instance is that the car must have a bolt with audioable warning if the car is moving and door open or an automatic way to close the door if the car starts moving.

Below is the link to the site that hosts the manual..


  1. Keep up the good work, I'm locking forward to see updates on the blog as I planning to build a GT4 my self. Just have to sell my Super seven car i have built to get space and money for the next project :)

  2. Thanks, Space is also my main problem as well but hopefully in a couple of weekends I'm able to move on to the next stage as well.

    Keep an eye out for a cheap turbo car, got mine for £1k in the end which is very cheap as the shell was in a bad state.