Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ordering parts...

With the engine getting close to being dropped I needed to order parts for it. So I've spent this weekend researching and ordering

* Timing Belt
* drive belt
* Headgasket set
* Head bolts (the mr2 have stretch type)
* Water pump

The engine i currently have suffered from a radiator failure before i bought it but compression had been checked etc... but I wanted to replace it to be 100% sure.

As well as this the rev 1 and rev 2 versions used a paper gasket and the rev 3 onwards used a metal gasket. The metal gasket is stronger and is compatible with the rev2 head. This should make it stronger.

The engine is also covered in oil and this looks to be coming from the rocker cover gasket so a headgasket set kills all the birds in one go! Obviously at the same time ill be cleaning up the engine as much as I can!

I don't plan on upgrading this engine to high power 260 / 70bhp in such a light car for road use willl be fine! the money is going in the build not the engine for a change! So have gone OEM or equivalent for parts.

For the UK people I used a forum and to source parts feel free to use code 30now for 30% off at eurocarparts!!! how long it will last I don't know, but 30% is a good saving and they do free delivery as well.

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