Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Little update

The Engine was picked up at the weekend and taken away to be worked on. As well as having the head gasket done, I've decided to get the valves lapped as the head is off.

Lapping the valves is where the valves have a paste put on them that has fine grain in it, the valves are then spun in their seats and the valve is cut finely as well as the head giving a better contact area and seal (there are various ways to lap valves). So when the fuel is ignited there is less leakage around the valves, this should mean it runs cleaner and in theory produce slightly more power. however my personal reasons is to have a smoother running engine, so the valve seals will also be changed at the same time.

This week ill be dragging the MR2 shell out of the garage to be picked up and taken away and then cleaning the garage a bit for my work area.

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