Monday, 10 December 2012

Another little update

So ive actually ordered the kit now. Now seems the right time with the MR2 stripped and finally having a work space to crack on with bits and bobs.

the space still seems so small

and the mr2 itself outside and undercover until its crushed. The cover is just to remove the eyesore of a ripped apart car!

As well as clearing a space, I finally removed a stuck drive shaft from a hub (that felt like a victory in itself) I also bought myself a cheap equivalent of a Dremel to cut off the brake shields on the rear hubs as the star keys had rusted away. So I cut them off and the disc appears to also be pressed on so cut a little bit of that away.

I wasn't going to do the rear bearings, until I got them off and one barely spins at all when letting go and the other spins but I'm still unsure of. Whilst the hubs are off the car it will only cost me a few ££ to get them done at a garage and of course I can get them powder coated as well.

This will leave me  with fully Refubished corners;
hubs (inc bearings)
calipers (seals, pistons, new pads)
new discs 324mm front and rear
BC Racing coilovers
new braided brake lines
powder coated suspension

my next part is to do the messy job of changing a couple of split CV Gaitors :(

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