Saturday, 29 December 2012

Driveshafts & CV joints

Not much has been done over Xmas,

but one of my drive shafts had a split on the inner CV boot and with the trouble of removing the drive shaft from the hub it literally destroyed it into multiple pieces.

Today I tidied up the drive shaft that was ok and wrapped it up to protect it. One of the things I always do is put a film of oil over parts I don't want to get surface rust, like parts that are going into the gearbox or hubs.

the next job was to clean up the other, its a bigger task then I thought as it is caked in dirt and oil. I have managed to clean up the support bracket on the driveshaft and once cleaned up I was surprised to find no rust and still a lot of protective paint on it. I'm now just trying to work out the best angle to tackle the CV joint.

I did find this youtube video for a nice little tip on how to get it back together....hope it helps me.

The Rear subframe has gone off to be powder coated and the rear hubs as well. I have had the suspension back and started putting in the bushes, ill do another post on that once complete.

Engine should come back next week...hopefully.

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