Friday, 22 November 2013

Kick Panel, Air con unit and additional brackets and parts

The one thing I'm realising is no matter how much prep I've done I'm always fabricating new parts or brackets! So last weekend and this week one of the main tasks was the kick panel behind the pedals.

I wanted this to be removable so needed to be made to size then rivnuts put in the chassis so I can take it off going forward for any work in the future as Once the shell is on, things become trickier. Again the benefits of family in manufacturing came to my aid with a laser cut piece. I then had to sand the steering column hole large enough to be able to fit the steering column with it in place and also sand out areas where welds existed on the chassis, that's all done now so the part will be sprayed.

Once this was done I fitted the aircon unit, with the car being RHD this meant the aircon units pipe mounts would be different from the demo car so I had to take this into account. However once mounted although I was happy with the position I was unhappy with the flex in the brackets so they will be copied and thicker steel ones made. You'll see in the pic below I used a U shape bracket (silver in colour) this is because I plan to make a bottom part to the dash to give a more finished look and this will mount on these parts.

Once that was done I could install the aircon drier on the other side of the bulk head and also found a position for my compact 1litre washer jet bottle, so its accessible through the front hatch but out of the way!

The bolts I'd been waiting on for the rear subframe arrived so I can test fit that and make sure everything fits well. As well as that I should receive brackets to fit the radiator properly and pipework securely finishing that area over the weekend.

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