Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Master cylinders, Pedals and Steering Rack

The Pedals and master cylinders have to be installed together as one piece doing them separately wont work and you will end up undoing some bolts and putting the pedals back on, Trust me :)

To make this easier its better to do the clutch pedal first + master cylinder then move on to the brake pedals. First of all I attached the pedal from above loosely so it has plenty of movement in it. I then attached the master cylinder from behind the firewall and through the pedal back mounting.

This is why both have to be done together, the master cylinder bolt will also go into additional pedal mounts as well.Tighten as you would do normally pinching across corners before doing a final tighten on each screw. The reservoirs then attach to a mounting bracket nice and easily.

Next came the steering Rack, now I had a PAS steering Rack and column and this was actually an issue in itself. The issue is not that they have different mounting points but that the PAS rack union point is higher and the union uses a damper making the union much larger, this causes it to fowl on the back of the brake pedal when pushed down and it fowls quite a way up.

I then received my manual rack today and installed that and can see that the angle at the union point it is a stepper angle and lower down without the PAS parts, so this should hopefully resolve the fowling. However the manual rack has a smaller spline size coming out of the rack compared to a PAS unit and I had already researched and found this so am awaiting a new Column to arrive, you can also see the column wouldn't even reach now as shown below. (look to the left of the pedal and you can see the column)

I understand the manual column to be longer and should resolve the issue, if not I will make a custom piece to bridge the gap which wont be a massive issue.

Following on from that I started to dry fit the steering column and get an idea for position, being a tall guy at 6ft 1 I want as much cabin space as possible so will be trying to place the steering column as far forward as possible on the mounts. I also wanted to do this as I noticed how far forward the pedals are and I like to sit comfortably. However the final fitting needs to wait till the actual column piece arrives.

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