Thursday, 28 November 2013

Radiator, Rear suspension fitting and brake lines (yet again)

Well ill start with the brake lines, I was never quite happy with the the T pieces, when tightening in the male connectors they always felt a little too lose till tight and although plenty of thread I always thought maybe a little more was possible....So I bought some different ones and I'm glad I did!! the new ones felt so much tighter when being tightened by hand and with an even longer threaded bit, they didn't feel like they were going to rip the thread away when tightening. So I'm very happy with the brake lines now. I just need to complete the rear brake lines and I will aim to test the brakes as soon as possible as Id that area completed and tested in case I have to redo any pipes.

Next I test fitted the rear corner, this involved fitting the subframe which I had to source 4x M12 170mm bolt.. Once that was on I got the coilover and arms on.

The Coilovers I have gone for are the BC Racing Coilovers (RM), the main reasons are they have pillowball top mounts and also the dampening setting is on the bottom of the shock rather then the top, So once the bodywork is on, I can easily adjust the front ones which would otherwise be covered by the shell.

After this I then fitted the larger discs (323mm) at the rear which is using the stock MR2 rear calliper because of the handbrake mechanism.The calliper is moved further out by a bracket on the hub. By using the balance bar when setting the car up I can ensure the car meets the requirements of the IVA in terms of front to rear balance. Although one thing to note is the IVA will require me to wirelock the balance bar as adjustable bias is not allowed.

Following this my uncle (he has to be mentioned now or he may not do any more parts) produced a bracket to secure the radiator from the top for added stability, It was simply attached using 3 rivnuts into the frame on a S shaped bracket which bolted through the lip of the radiator. This means if I ever have to replace the radiator then the bracket can be removed and radiator easily swapped.As well as this I have bought new SPAL electric fans, so I will of saved a lot of weigh with the new radiator and fans as well as improved the cooling efficiency further.

The Photo below will show the kick panel has now been sprayed and installed by the pedals filling the space with more black, Again I have chosen to rivnut this panel because once the shell is on I might need to remove this as an inspection panel. to insure there is no rattling from it I have placed 2mm foam in between the panel and the frame which should stop the rattling.

You will also see in the photo the position for the small washer jet bottle and the aircon drier. The only two things left to go into the front of the car are the battery and air condenser. (plus wiring of course). I need to source a condensor that ideally is around 450mm wide and height of no more then 320 max, any ideas just comment!


  1. nice to get a mention in dispatches James :-)

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