Sunday, 26 January 2014

Final Engine fitting, Fuel tank and starting the electrics

So although the engine has been in for a while, its never been in fully and in its final position. the 3S-GTE engine has 4 mounts. The two side ones taking the weight and the front and rear stopping engine rotation.

In the end 3 of the 4 mounts had to be adjusted due to differences between US and Jap version.

* Cam cover side (right mount) - Mount this first - no adjustment needed
* Gearbox (left mount) - The hole just needs opening up by about 10mm so its now more of a sausage shape. This was because when comparing photos from DDR of the mounts, the mount used this side was different.
* Subframe mount (Rear mount ) - On the Jap model (rev2) this had a captive nuts in the mount that's on the rear of the gearbox, this meant there was no adjustment. On the DDR one again this was an oval shape so gave adjustment back and forth, the captive nut was cut off to give this adjustment.
* Front mount - This mount was probably the worst in terms of adjustment, the others were explainable in terms of just a different mounts. But the front was already an oval allowing adjustment. In the end more adjustment had to be made leaving an L shape to the mount.

However after the above adjustments and torqued up the engine sits rock solid and in a good position in terms of fitting driveshafts etc...The fittings are tight but that is what you want as you don't want the engine moving around too much.

I have also fitted the fuel tank I designed to make use of the space but allow me room for other fixings, the tank is about 54litres, fuel pipes are secured to the bodywork no more then 300mm apart, the IVA actually stats it just needs to be secure but by doing the above everything should pass with out an issue. the actual fuel system is complete now, by using the mr2 fuel pump and sender and filter I was able to keep it very simple.

The air intake to the turbo has been fitted, I am waiting on the intercooler pipes to complete that area of the car, as I have an after market intercooler I have had to do some trial and error on fitting.

And Although I've been working on the wiring for quite a while I've started to work on the wiring in the car. Like everything I would like to get the engine fired up before getting too far as I don't want to be having to resolve issues again later on taking parts out.

The wiring to have the car run is quite simple thanks to the MR2 rear fuse / relay box.

This fuse box will require;
* power to relay from ignition
* return leads from alternator
*power for ECU /fuel pump/ coil when activated by the relay
* various Earths on gearbox / engine

* direct wire from battery to the starter motor

these will come direct from battery (via fuse) and the ignition (for the relays).

I may find additional wires are required which I will update with, but the engine control system / starting / charging is all wired from the back fusebox so by keeping this I just need to get the power and Igntion and earths wired for this.

I have also installed an additional Fusebox which will be used for lights, tail lights, horn, wipers, dials etc...

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