Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fuel tank and handbrake

I sent off the original mr2 fuel pump and sender as I originally said. The tank has now been completed to the size I requested with fitting brackets. This should also give enough room for any wire fixings.

I should be fitting this and completing the fuel system later this week.

The handbrake system was completed by moving the pivot point more towards the centre of the car so the compensator doesn't compensate quite so much. I've also made a slight change since the photos so the rod can rotate a little more.

The photo above shows welded L shape and lower down the compensator.

Further down the brake cables is a mounting point that feeds the cable to the compensator. As well as this the cables are supported in lose eyelets allowing movement with the suspension.

I'm now working on the final engine position and wiring position and fusebox.

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