Monday, 13 January 2014

Update on whats been going on

Not as big an update as normal as I've been away for work and also been busy in my personal life.

Firstly I've designed and ordered the custom fuel tank for the space. I wanted to keep it simple, so have stayed away from external fuel pumps and new AN fixings etc...

I have taken the original in tank MR2 fuel pump & hanger, as well as the sender and sent them off to a place called B.A fabrications.The tank is being made so I can use the original equipment and just hook the filter / pipes as before. I kept the design very basic (cube) and discussed with Ben that I would like to stop the fuel sloshing about too much even though it will have baffles in it. So the floor will be raised slightly for the fuel sender area meaning the fuel will naturally collect down by the pump and also if i run close to the margin there is a little extra there! As well as this the return pipe puts the fuel returned next to the pump so seems a good step.

I have gone for a screw in fuel breather, two way for air but wont let through fuel. I can then just plum a small pipe over to the edge of the car to meet IVA requirements again.

Going forward if I change the engine or want more power I can use the in tank pump as a pick up pump to a swirl pot and another external pump.

As well as this I have fitted the fuel pipes and fuel filter to the bodywork ready for the fuel tank, ill take photos of the simple setup when complete.

Although I had fitted the handbrake it needed to have a bracket welded and that has now been done and the handbrake tested and it does now work, whether the force is enough I just don't know at this stage. I also just need to secure the cable along the body work a bit better.

I also started on the electrics and working out the pinouts on the steering column. Electrics are my weakest point so when I get to that stage I want to be ready and will start with a couple of simple circuits. Horn...washer jet and wiper motor, just so I know I've got the idea!

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