Friday, 7 September 2012

Electrical wiring...AAHH!!

I had to start the work on an area I wanted to wait to do...wiring, but it seemed appropriate to finish the front end area. So I have been pulling the front loom through it includes;

lights, ABS, Aircon, wiper jet pump, power steering and a couple other areas of wiring.

the dash has now been removed as well as the heater unit and the labelling of all the connectors has started. I will take a picture as it looks a mess!

I do have to tidy the loom up a bit, wiring has been stripped or poorly repaired in places. I also want to strip out unwanted weight, the radio / speaker wire loom ive already pulled out, i'll wire my own high quality wires later. I will probably remove all the aircon wires as they are not needed (complete afterarket system will be purchased which is smaller and lighter), all wiring to the doors is not needed any more either, its going to be a big task!

But I will just label and remove for now and save that till the winter when its raining and I can then do that inside in the dry.

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