Sunday, 9 September 2012

First loom out

The electronics were the next bit to be removed whilst I wait for my car dollies to arrive. So I started work on the interior

Labelling, I cant stress how important, just number either the connector and device or both connectors so your sure where they go.

When I knew I wouldn't be putting that electronic bit back in i noted what it was, for instance door Control system, Audio cables etc... The reason i did this is, is because i need to make a decision will I open the cables to strip out unwanted cables to reduce weight. I will do another post soon on why this is so critical and an important decision.

So as I started to strip and label this is what faced me after a bit of time;

bit daunting to say the least but the labelling may well be my saving grace. The biggest thing I've learnt is its annoying how they bundle looms together whether that be taped, tied or in plastic. It makes it very hard to remove...but I guess it was not designed to be removed.

Below is the loom laid out, how it came out of the car, I got a lot of the relays in the cabin still attached and as well that it all labelled up well, the wires to behind the seats seems to just be for audio, so i may break apart this loom and strip it out, it will be a good weight save and make fitting easier otherwise i will have to feed the back part of the loom in as well and secure it of course.

Once it was out the inside is nice and neat and has some space. I have not bothered packaging up the nuts and bolts from inside the car, there is no point as they are not torqued high and all have the same purpose I will just collect them from inside the cabin at the end of the stripping process.

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