Saturday, 29 September 2012

Prepping for the Engine Drop

Today I started prepping for the engine drop.

This involved sorting out electrical connectors on the loom and ECU and also removing coolant pipes, fuel pipes, vacuums etc... and making sure the engine is free to drop.

As I have started this you find individual things with your car, be them 'bodges' or bonus's.

* Bodge.... the bracket holding the air intake had broken, so there was a bad weld on it to repair it.
* Bonus... found an aftermarket intercooler on the car. Cant tell what it is until I get it off though.

I've been using the below as a guide so far to dropping the engine.

I now need to clean the garage a fair bit, I'm working in a small space and want to move the car forward and have a clean area to work dropping the engine, so once its dropped I can keep it behind the car.

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