Thursday, 5 December 2013

This Weeks Work..

Well its not been the most productive week and more a problem solving time.

All 4 corners are now on and all 4 brake calipers & hubs, meaning in effect I have reached a rolling chassis stage, that said I like the work height on the Dolly so I'm not taking it off at this stage. So once all 4 corners were on it was time to think about the handbrake.

This Chassis has no design in it for the handbrake, I'm sure of that because the MR2 system was never the simplest with the handbrake levers direct cable heading forwards to where the two handbrake cables meet it. when a simpler solution would be for a handbrake lever with a small wire going backwards, splitting to both sides. Unfortunately this is going to sit under the belly and main chassis floor, not a personal favourite of mine as it ruins the nice flat floor to the car and puts a new lower point on the floor as well. The picture below shows the handbrake cables heading underneath the chassis (blue). They will be supported in wide open rubber loops to allow movement as the suspension moves but stops them dragging on the floor or rubbing.

Also the mounting of the MR2 handbrake doesn't work, so I'm currently collecting handbrakes from Ebay trying them out for a better solution.

As well as this I've been working to extend the gear cables.for their new position, I will do a more detailed post on them alone once fitted over this weekend as its quite key in terms of what is done to make them work. (another family member to thank). However the photo below shows step one where the gear selector mount had to be cut and the start of the extending work!

As well as that I've been talking with Silent Coat about sound proofing and they've been really helpful so far and look forward to ordering the parts they recommend. Sound proofing was very important to me to remove what I call the kit car feel. I want this to feel like it is a quality built car and with their help and recommendation in terms of the correct sound proofing in different areas I'm sure this is going to help. More to come on that once ordered!

This weekend Ill be putting in the brake pads and testing the braking system has no leaks because if it does, its a million times easier to run a new pipe now....fingers crossed though!!

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