Monday, 23 December 2013

Last weeks Work..Hoses, Holes and Torquing

Well the work hasn't been as high as previous as unfortunately I was ill so had to take a few days of rest and what's worst is this was when I had two days off work as well when I should of got a lot done.

So the correct size heater hose finally showed up, not 22mm but 19mm. so that fitted well with some 90 degree bends in it to keep it neat, I will need to formulate one bracket to hold it as it goes up to the heater matrix...but to keep myself happy more then anything really!

The centre console tunnel will only have the aircon pipes inside it as well, there will be no room for wires to run directly in there other then maybe just the the one main Positive cable from the battery to the alternator. So the other wires will run down the side in the seating area, this wont cause an issue and the actual seating compartment has plenty of space. Really you don't want to run wires next to the positive cable anyway because of interference so this is probably a good solution, however I am looking into the best wiring solutions at the moment and whether that means moving the battery to the rear.

Following that I then had to fit the seats, this was a little tricky, because I'm using seat runners for adjustable seats, the fixing point should be through a point on the chassis cable of taking the load, not just the floor plan with spreader plates.This is further complicated by the design of the kitcar, some kitcars have a floor plan and then 2 rails across the floor plan so you can drill through these additional supports for installation, unfortunately for me the rails for support are underneath the floor. I couldn't drill from below up as I needed the seat to be close to the middle of the area and in line with the steering wheel which I couldn't see from below, so I put the chair in and used masking tape to hopefully line up where the support is under the floor. So I did both the back holes on the runner first and got them straight through in the middle of the support. the front two holes had to be where the seat runners holes were and luckily the runners I have match perfectly to the supports, all 8 holes perfectly in position!

To pass the IVA, the fitting will be;

* seat runner
* 4mm spacer
* 4mm 100x100mm load spreader plate
* Floor
* support rail
* Penny washer
* Nylon Nut

The good news is I don't need the chair fully back and being 6ft 1 will give people idea on space, so I may put a big netting on the back, however once through the test I will be looking for a reclining chair of some sort, being 6ft 1 I'm very close to the roof and a reclining seat will give me a little more room! The chair was removed again once fitted whilst I continue work on the car.

As well as this I finally found a handbrake lever I'm happy to use its from a Peugeot 206 and the mechanism sits through the floor nicely and where I've positioned it will join on to the original MR2 cables which is good! Also I fitted the throttle cable along the edge of the seating area so it will be covered by the centre console.

I then started torquing up all the suspension bolts again and marking them with tipex, 1 so I know they are torqued and 2 so I can see if they move. They have all had threadlocker applied as well.

Finally I realise I'm getting close to having to fit the engine at the rear, so I needed some wheels to take the car off the current high stand so I picked up some multispoke 19" wheels for £90!! including good tyres as these aren't the final wheels I didn't care about offset etc... So I came to put them on, the front was always going to be the worry with the bigger 4 pot calipers....About 2mm spare from caliper to spoke and 1mm to the shock! Fine for wheeling about but would be no good for actually driving!

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