Sunday, 15 December 2013

Seat fitting test and completion of stage 1 of sound deadening

So as I was doing the sound deadening I decided I needed to find a position for the handbrake and also potentially the seat.

The handbrake - Well this will need to pass through the floor and on to the cables below from the callipers. I first tried a stilo handbrake but that wouldn't pass through the floor without modification, so I've ordered a Peugeot 206 as this looks like it will do the job.

Next was seat testing fit, with me being 6ft 1 and my girlfriend being 5ft ...something (short we will call it) the seat positioning was a slight worry so I found where id ideally like it and then got her to sit in it to see where she needed it. Safe to say seat runners will be required!

The positioning of the seat belt mounts appear to be fine for IVA from the checks with it currently 600mm from the floor plan for top mounts and a requirement of 400mm from the block plane which is placed in the seat as part of the test which means it should be fine. And also the side laps being behind the required point to the seat.

Once that was done I completed the sound deadening mating, which does make the cabin look more complete. I hope to receive the heater hose again tomorrow in 19mm after being sent 21mm which I will then install, following that I will start measuring up the required pipes for the aircon system (I will have to place an order for made pipes due to pressures involved) and hopefully receive the handbrake to fit as well. (you can see in the below photo the brackets made to hold the 4 pipes in the centre console tunnel)

I will be ordering the dials for the dash soon as this is from america and looking to get the chassis on to some wheels and rolling to fit the engine at that point.

I seem to be making quick progress but the hour total is now at between 90 - 100hrs work done since I received the chassis so a lot of time has been spent on it in the past 5 1/2 weeks so I'm probably just on schedule but throwing time I have at the build as the weather has been mild! Also its the final finishing touches that take the time!

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